The Value of Press Release and Its Relevance

forlinkstoday press releaseYou would surely never realize the value of something until that something is gone. This statement may have a cloak of universality relative to the experiences of people in this world, for you can prove the abovementioned statement based on your experience and the experiences of your neighbors and friends. You would surely acquiesce to the abovementioned statement as if it is one of the universal laws of motions outlined by the famous mathematicians and physicist, Isaac Newton. But every seemingly universal truth should pass the test of time. In the same way, the statement above must pass the test of time and circumstances to prove itself worthy of universality.

Now, you may be asking what I want to point out when I seem to be so roundabout and circuitous in my explanation of the abovementioned statement. I don’t want to digress so much; yet, I may have the habit of digressing a lot when it comes to explaining something. For to me, the abovementioned statement seems to have a bearing on the value of “press release,” for it is the value and relevance of press release that I would really like to explain in this article. Questions such as—“What is press release? What is its relevance to the success of a business? How would it leverage the success of a business?”—are questions that I would like to answer in this article. Yet, I began this article with the said statement to point out that there are people who think that press release is no longer relevant in the modern marketing and advertising setup. These so-called pundits in the realm of marketing and advertising are acting like harbingers of great truth about the eventual demise of press release as a major tool of advertising campaign. Therefore, these self-proclaimed pundits would rather advise their clients to make use of other advertising tools and strategies, for they claim that press release is dead and is no longer effective in making a business succeed. They would sternly say with alacrity to their clienteles: “You should no longer send press release”.

Contrariwise, press release still remains a very potent advertising tool. In fact, it is still one of the most potent advertising tools in creating a buzz about your business’ product and service. But what are the advantages of press release as an advertising tool? Obviously, press release puts your business on the radar screen of your target customers. Yes, it definitely puts your business in the awareness and consciousness of your target audience; and if the main purpose of an effective advertising tool is to make target consumers aware of a business, then press release readily fits into the category of an effective advertising tool, because it directly targets the consciousness and awareness of the target consumers. Likewise, it is not a very expensive marketing tool. It only requires you to pay for the service of the press release distributor.

Moreover, if the journalists and the media people are the ones that can really create so much buzz about a certain endeavor, then they are the ones that you should primarily target and convince about your product, for their opinions can really make so much impact on the opinion-creation of your target consumers.